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Cold Chain IoT -

Excellence in cold supply chain

Make sure each item is properly delivered. High quality assured.

Cold Chain IoT -
Temperature tracking
Cold Chain IoT -
Automatic logging
Cold Chain IoT -
Confirmed delivery
Cold Chain IoT - product
Cold Chain IoT - app


Track and log the temperature every few minutes


Send the log to a smartphone in various stages of the shipment


Alert in case of shipment mishandles, health or safety issues

The best cold chain solution

The logger is attached to any box. The simple smartphone reads the shipment data recorded till then through wireless transfer through Bluetooth.

Insights Dashboard

Turn data into insights

Real usage patterns in real time and historical. Use real data to build insights and improve shipments

Insights Dashboard
Full tracking
Insights Dashboard
Verify proper conditions
Insights Dashboard
Reduce food waste
Cold Chain IoT - product Cold Chain IoT - app Cold Chain IoT - dashboard

Connected Tracker

Sampling temperature and connects to a mobile App.

Branded App

Scans the tracker shipment history at control points.

Insights Dashboard

See all reports and analyze shipment conditions.

The platform effect

The Dashboard displays the clouds’ big data and analytics. The display shows all the reports, user activity and real-time tracking and locations of boxes. Historical data can enable analyzing and improving in future shipments.

Real time tracking. 100% Simple

"The solution will save us a nice chunk of time in the field"
"This will assist in making sure we deliver the product properly"
"We will be able to reduce the cost of monitoring"
Cold Chain IoT - product Cold Chain IoT - product specs

Battery life

12 months

Shelf life

12 months


Screw and flip top caps

Temperature range

-20 C to 60 C


54 mm


iOS and Android


Web based SAAS




Any Panton color


33.4 mm
Cold Chain IoT - product Cold Chain IoT - product


Cold Chain IoT - description Cold Chain IoT - description
Cold Chain IoT - product
The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish