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upcoming events and news about the Internet of Packaging is participating in the 17th Global Water Drinks Congress will present our smart reusable water bottle in 2020 Global Water Drinks Congress. Set up a meeting with us to get more information!

How Products Engage Digital Natives With Smart Packaging

When engaging digital natives, holding their attention requires more than a great product. They need connectivity to pique their interest.

Unlocking Loyalty: How Brands Are Building One-On-One Customer Relationships

While some viewed the Dash as a gimmick, it seemed to be a watershed moment for brand loyalty.

Bormioli Pharma at CPHI Worldwide showcasing innovative pharma packaging prototypes

The prototypes address some of the growing needs in the market, including usability, sustainability, connectivity and traceability. with vitamins products at supply side west

Water-io product for supply side west of smart pill box for vitamins that can implements auto replenish. is part of the 10 Disruptive Israeli Companies Changing The Food-Agri Industry

Innovations in food and agriculture were the main focus in Israel’s tech ecosystem this week as hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs, academics, executives, and representatives from global corporations in Israel and across the world gathered in Tel Aviv this week for a number of major events in these sectors.

Big Data, Consumer Behavior And The Consumer Packaged Goods Blindspot

For manufacturers and industries, usage data coming from smart packaging can give a brand the insight they need to develop and market products their customers crave.

Delivering the goods: Supplement formats in favour

Whether it's general wellbeing or managing more serious conditions, consumers are taking their health seriously.

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology

Non-adherence is a serious problem facing patients with chronic conditions and can occur for a variety of reasons.

How Tech Companies Are Helping The Environment

The main point here is to show that it is often the little things that cast a long, dark shadow on the environment.

Danone adds ‘hydration coaching’ cap to Font Vella bottled water

Danone will begin incorporating ‘smart caps’ into its Spanish mineral water brand Font Vella, allowing consumers to track their levels of hydration.

Smart cap solution: Danone uses packaging innovation to make personalisation more accessible

Danone's collaboration with Israeli smart packaging start-up promises offer personalisation through everyday consumer goods by allowing users to track their hydration levels.


Danone has taken a step forward in personalised, smart packaging solutions. Its Spanish natural mineral water brand, Font Vella, has announced the upcoming launch of Coach2O, which it says is the first device to track water intake and coach consumers towards adequate hydration.

Nord emballage magazine - water-io simple cold chain monitoring

Phone or plate, communicate with packaging and, for example, get evidence The thing you intend to buy is genuine. The technique can also be used for marketing and communication or for document verification or intelligent packaging.

How To Cultivate A Data-Literate Workforce

Bridging the gap between what an employee brings into the organization and how they can communicate with other departments starts with introducing a shared language among your different employees.

Danone taps into smart cap for mineral water brand

AIPIA member has worked with Danone to develop a ‘smart cap’ which will be incorporated into the Brand’s Spanish mineral water Font Vella, allowing consumers to track their levels of hydration.

Danone Caps Font Vella Water With App-Integrated, Reusable Hydration Tracker

The digitally integrated caps are designed to align with consumer values like sustainability and wellness, letting them reuse the top on any water bottle and linking with a hydration-tracking app

A cap that reminds you have to drink water

Coach2o lights up every 30 minutes to remind you that it is time to drink water. In addition, you can manually modify the LED notifications of coach2o from the App so you remember to drink water at the time you want.

Font Vella launches smart cap to prompt healthy hydration

Danone will add a special smart cap to its Font Vella natural mineral water brand, which will track users’ water intake and encourage them to keep sufficiently hydrated.

Coach2O, intelligent cap of FONT-VELLA reminds that you have to drink water

Coach2O is an intelligent cap developed by Font Vella in collaboration with, which aims to remind those who use it to drink water to stay properly hydrated.

Meet Font Vella’s Healthy Hydration Coach

Font Vella, our Spanish natural mineral water brand, has recently announced the upcoming launch of Coach2O, its first device that tracks water intake and coaches people toward adequate hydration. The product is being developed in partnership with, an innovative start-up specialized in smart packaging.

Smart hydration cap Coach2o

Font Vella launches Coach2o, an intelligent hydration cap that monitors with an app the user's hydration smart caps now available across Italy

A probiotic supplement used to restore the GI bacterial balance in case of intestinal disorder, now comes with smart cap.

  • Internet of packaging article in plastic magazine Signs Development Agreement with Bayer announced the signature of a collaboration agreement to develop a smart packaging solution to pharmaceutical packages, supporting patients and caregivers.

The Internet of Packaging by will be presented at AIPIA, Nov 19th & 20th

Oppertunity to learn about the interenet of packaging by Use cases, range of products, smart packaging.

Get ready for a future in which your favorite products act like helicopter parents’s platform foretells a future in which manufacturers help you to plan your meals for the week, protect your family from risks, achieve your nutritional goals, and reduce waste via containers built for reuse. will present how smart packaging and it's Internet of packaging platform is and will impact the medical space.

Cleveland Clinic has worked to develop a conference that cuts through the noise to deliver the clearest map for innovators to push the limits of healthcare’s future. The discussions are entirely curated by a group of healthcare’s most innovative clinicians and strategists with the goal to ignite the disruption that our patients need now.

FoodBytes! by Rabobank is a next-gen pitch competition-meets-networking event pioneering the future of food and agriculture.

FoodBytes! by Rabobank is a next-gen pitch competition-meets-networking event that brings together the game-changing startups, investors and industry leaders pioneering the future of food and agriculture. will be presenting along side a great group of companies in this space.

Nolato & present smart packaging in CPHI Madrid 2018

Nolato a global turnkey solutions provider to medical and pharmaceutical companies and will present smart packaging for the pharma industry during the CPHi trade show in Madrid, on Oct 9th - Oct 11th. The Internet of Packaging for pharma products will be in Stand 4D22.

Smart Sensors Can Help Seniors Age In Place

There are many emerging IoT applications that can help seniors stay healthy and safe with minimal involvement from caregivers.

CBinsights article - The 4 Trends Driving Packaging Industry Disruption

Startup Water.IO, for example, provides Bayer and others with IoT caps that promise data collection for brands and automatic replenishment for shoppers. For example,’s lid could sense when a shopper is almost done with a bottle of detergent, and automatically order a refill for the shopper while informing the brand about the shopper’s pace of detergent use.

Themarker writes about's Internet of Packaging platform

A study conducted a few years ago at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Pharmacology revealed a surprising finding: the effect of a drug depends not only on its quality but also on the time in which it is taken and its continual effect.

Israeli magazine FoodTech and innovation technology

An article that review of water-io's innovative products, smart plugs and smart packaging. in page 7.

frost and sullivan award to's Internet of Packaging Service Earns It Frost & Sullivan's Prestigious Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award designed its sensors to fit into CPG and pharmaceutical brands’ existing caps and closures for simple integration, without affecting the size of the cap. Its business model is to sell or license the cap and closure production while charging for the data and analytics capabilities.

  • Israeli innovation authority is backed by Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority, formerly known as the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy (& MATIMOP), is an independent and impartial public entity that operates for the benefit of the Israeli innovation ecosystem and Israeli economy as a whole.'s internet of packaging platform is supported by the OCS.

  • The Internet of Packaging (Spanish)

2018 Innobev Awards Winners Announced, including best cap

Organised by global food and drinks experts Zenith, the awards attracted over 100 entries from around the world including the UK, Ireland, across Europe including the Baltic States, the US, Australia and the Middle East in 15 categories, demonstrating creativity, innovation, marketing, community initiative and environmental practice.

  • The Internet of Packaging (Spanish)

Winner of best IoTStar during MWC Barcelona

IoT Stars is a unique event for IoT companies to pitch in front of a top-notch international jury and for companies to connect to a C-level audience of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, industry players, press and media working in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

  • JVP selects 10 Israeli startups for mentorship with Tesco, PepsiCo, Barclays

JVP selects 10 Israeli startups for mentorship with Tesco, PepsiCo, Barclays

The VC fund started JVP Play, a startup-boosting initiative, in October to serve as a bridge between new startups and established multinational corporations, with the startups offering their skills and problem-solving technologies to the big firms and helping bring artificial intelligence and deep learning from Israel’s startup ecosystem into retail and financial services

  • The Internet of Packaging (Spanish)

The Internet of Packaging (In Spanish)

Como a pretende alargar a gama de funções das tampas

  • Future 'smart' caps will do more than just seal a bottle

Future 'smart' caps will do more than just seal a bottle

With lives becoming more connected via the internet, Yoav Hoshen figures now is the time to leverage web-enabled technology in the caps and closures business.

  • Packaging becomes tool for engagement, digital touchpoints

Packaging becomes tool for engagement, digital touchpoint

At Packaged. The 6th Global Summit, presenters share how packaging has moved from a passive to an active role, creating an emotional and functional connection between the brand and consumer.

  • Packaging becomes tool for engagement, digital touchpoints

5 Innovative Smart Water Bottles To Keep you Hydrated

Thankfully, technology has made it a little easier for us to take proactive steps on our journey to better health. One such way is through the creation of smart water bottles designed to track daily water intake and ensure proper hydration. Here are my top 5 favorites in no particular order:

  • Israel leading mhealth and digital health start-ups

G256 Innovative digital health | eHealth | mHealth startups in Israel

We have compiled a list of 256 Innovative digital health startups in Israel in 2017

  • study on the european market for plastic caps and closures

second ceresana study on the european market for plastic caps and closures

The trend towards “intelligent” packaging also captures caps and closures. For example, the company Water.IO offers closures for water bottles which help consumers adhere to a healthy and regular water consumption with light or vibration signals.

  • top ten disruptors for your industry iiot

Great sucsess for the Israeli companies in the Get in the ring competition in Singapore has was one of the selected start-ups out of the 10,000 candidates to participate in the Singapore "get in the ring" event, after winning the heavyweight category in the "get in the ring" Israel.

  • top ten disruptors for your industry iiot wins the Get in the ring heavyweight category, a leading Internet of packaging company has won the heavyweight category in the "Get in the ring" competition, and will participate the in the global competition in Singapore.

  • top ten disruptors for your industry iiot

Top 10 Internet of Things Companies to Watch in the Manufacturing Industry

Water.IO is bringing intelligent packaging to the consumer market. Their products use IoT monitoring technology to verify the location, shipping conditions, and quality of products for industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

  • ynet press: The Israeli patent that reminds to drink

ynet press: The Israeli patent that reminds to drink brings a new domain called the internet of packaging. includng smart hydration and better medical adherence.

  • calcalist press: feed 2 billion people

Globes: Learn about the internet of packaging start up -

Visy and join forces to bring the internet of packaging to Australia and New Zeland.

  • calcalist press: feed 2 billion people

Calcalist: Feed two billion people

Learn about the Israrli companies who are changing the food tech landscape. among the group.

  • Choose your smart bottle

Choose your smart bottle

New technology has now been developed to track our water intake, hydration levels and total water consumption, which can be used to help consumers stay healthy.

  • AIPI World Congress

AIPI World Congress | Tap into the technology shaping the future

Last year’s Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry World Congress marked a breakthrough for at lot of new technology

  • World Beverage Innovation Awards 2016 finalists announced

World Beverage Innovation Awards 2016 finalists announced

Best technology innovation - Water.IO – Water.IO Smart Cap

  • 2016 Global Bottled Water Awards

2016 Global Bottled Water Awards

From Norwegian arctic water to probiotic functional drinks, the winners of the 2016 Global Bottled Water Awards have been announced.

  • Business is booming between Aussies and Israelis

Water.Io: Il tappo di bottiglia intelligente che ti ricorda di bere

Water.Io: Il tappo di bottiglia intelligente che ti ricorda di bere. L’acqua contribuisce alla salute, fornendo nutrienti essenziali per le cellule, tra cui minerali, vitamine e glucosio.

  • Business is booming between Aussies and Israelis

Business is booming between Aussies and Israelis

Cybersecurity, robotics, communications, medical devices and artificial intelligence are among Israeli innovations eagerly sought Down Under.

  • Visy and Water.IO Partner

Visy and Water.IO Partner to Bring Smart Packaging to Australia and New Zealand Region

Visy and Water.IO announced today a strategic partnership to bring smart packaging to the region.

  • Visy and Water.IO

Visy and Water.IO team up to take smart packaging mainstream

Visy, one of the largest packaging companies in Australia and New Zealand, has teamed up with smart packaging provider Water.IO on a strategic partnership that will aim to bring smart packaging to the region.

  • Visy and Water.IO

Visy, Water.IO partner to deliver smart packaging solutions

Visy, a packaging company based in Australia, and Water.IO, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) smart packaging solutions, formed a strategic partnership to bring smart packaging to the region.

  • Forbes Technology Council accepted into Forbes Technology Council, the internet of packaging platform, has been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.

  • i24 innovation stories in the i24 new innovation stories

See the i24 news innovation stories chapter about and the smart packaging solutiosn.

  • beverage packaging 2016 article

Article in the beverage packaging innovation magazine, Winter 2016 edition

Read about smart packaging innovation in this edition of beverage packaging innovation, winter edition 2016, in the article inscludes an interview with the CTO of

  • aipia article in dutch

Article in a dutch magazine about Aipia and

Dutch Article, Read about the Aipia congress and the innovative products that were displayed during the congress.

  • aipia interview yoav hoshen

Interview with Yoav Hoshen, Co Founder and SVP Business development at

Mr. Hoshen explains in theis interview about the innovative technology for smart and active packaging.

  • world beverage innovation finalist

Water.IO is named a finalist in the BrauBeviale World Beverage Innovation awards

Water.IO, the IoT smart packaging company, announced today that it has been named a finalist in the ‘best technological innovation’ category at the BrauBeviale: Trade Fair for Production and Marketing of Drinks. The event took place Nov 8-10 in Nuremberg.

  • keynote speaker aipia amsterdam 2016

Water.IO to be Keynote Speaker at AIPIA World Congress 2016

Water.IO, the IoT smart packaging company, announced today that it will be attending the AIPIA World Congress, taking place in Amsterdam, November 14-15, 2016.

  • caps and closure barcelona 2016

Water.IO to be Keynote Speaker at Plastic Caps & Closures

Water.IO, the IoT smart packaging company, announced today that it will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Plastic Caps & Closures show, taking place in Barcelona, November 9-10, 2016.

  • global bottled water award winner

Water.IO wins ‘best cap/closure’ award at Global Bottled Water Congress

Water.IO, the IoT smart packaging company, announced today that it has won first place in the ‘best cap/closure’ category at the Global Bottled Water Congress, which took place Oct 10-12 in Prague.
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