The team

Marketing Manager & Health Evangelist

Netta Kailler

Chief Executive Officer

Kobi Bentkovski

Full-stack Web Developer

Israel Levkivker

Chief Technology Officer

Nimrod Kaplan

Quality Assurance Manager

Noa Lavon

Android Developer

Daniel Hadad

iOS Developer

Israel Persiko

Senior VP Business Development

Yoav Hoshen

Hardware Development

Yosef Gordon

Apps Developer

Moshe Marmor

System Engineer

Alon Goldenberg


Amir Salhuv

Administrative Manager & Personal Assistant

Keren Applebaum
kobi Bentkovski
CEO and Co-Founder

Kobi is a senior high technology executive with 15+ years’ experience in the management of complex multidiscipline development departments such as R&D, Engineering, Operations and Business Development. Kobi’s strong business & negotiation skills have assisted him in leading development of projects that combines Hardware, Software, RF, Optics, Mechanics & complex algorithms. Over the course of his career, Kobi acted as Co-founder and VP R&D at MTeye Security Ltd (acquired by Pima), and Director, R&D at MTI Computers and Software Services Ltd. Kobi is especially skilled in leadership and general management skills, with a focus on team building, formulating and executing results-oriented strategies, and bringing products from concept to R&D through success launch to market. Mr. Bentkovski holds an M.Sc in Electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University, and an Executive MBA from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Yoav Hoshen
Senior VP Business Development and Co-Founder

Yoav is a serial entrepreneur and a hi-tech business development professional with two decades of diverse international experience in building and accelerating technology start-up businesses from conceptual stage to profitability. He has groundbreaking experience in leading and closing 8-digit USD deals for disruptive technologies. His focus is on consumer electronics, AI, computer vision, big data and machine learning, and also co-founded Beyond Verbal (emotions, wellness and mHelath analytics worldwide leader based on tone of human voice) and Superb Reality (Virtual and Augmented Reality computer vision solutions). Yoav was leading companies in roles such as the Senior VP Sales & Business Development of PointGrab (world leader in hand gesture control software), Vice President for Sales & Business Development of EPOS Technologies (digital pen, acquired by Qualcomm NASDAQ: QCOM). Previously, Yoav was the Marketing and Business Development Director in Comverse (NASDAQ: CMVT) and in Orsus Solutions (acquired by Nice Systems NASDAQ: NICE) and Product Manager at ICQ/Mirabilis (acquired by AOL NASDAQ: AOL). Mr. Hoshen holds an LLB from Tel Aviv University.

Nimrod Kaplan
CTO and Co-Founder

Nimrod boasts remarkable technological versatility. With tremendous experience in various products, platforms and technical languages, Nimrod is comfortable in any technical environment. Nimrod has extensive experience with agile software development methodologies, and has proven ability to move from concept to working product, and to help companies grow from their current stage to the next level in terms of product capabilities, stability, capacity etc. Prior to Water.IO, Nimrod was founding CTO to Backed Inc., where he helped build a world class personal lending platform from the ground up. Nimrod has also acted asthe founding CTO & COO at ezbob a leading UK business lender, and VP R&D at the Investment Technology Group, Inc. Mr. Kaplan holds a computer science & statistics from Bar Ilan University.

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