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Re-order - consumer goods

Laundry liquids, detergents, sprays & many more

Re-Order Cap

Measure and monitor usage levels, and remind the consumer when the product is running out, to enable the consumer to re-order. The system is also enabled for auto re-order with auto delivery to the consumers home.

Usage Cap

Interested to know how consumers are using your product, embed the Usage cap in the product and get the usage analytics in real time. See open / close of container, spray press, touch events, and of course the amount of material used.

End of life cap

Wish to warn the consumer that the product is close or past it's end of life, use the End of life cap, that measures the time from the first usage, and will alert the consumer when the end of life has passed and it is better to use a new product. Thhis solution can include an automatic re-order as well.

Re-order App and api

Interact with the consumer, allow him to re-order. Engage with consumers and offer them perks and coupons. can brand it's white label app to your brand rules, or the API can be used to embed the data from the cap into your existing application.

Re-order Dashboard

Use the dashboard to view real time usage of the products by real consumers. recieve both real time analytics and historical calculated analytics, like time span from purchase to actual use. from first use to the last use. average amount or every usage, frequency of usage and many more.

The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish