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Cosmetic Packaging

  • Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetics industry is massive in size and rapidly growing and evolving. New companies seem to be popping up all the time and the products that are being created are getting better and better. Makeup has been a big part of most cultures for hundreds of thousands of years and there is no sight of the industry taking a halt any time soon.

With so much growth and competition in the cosmetics industry today, the packaging of these products need to be pretty, attractive, unique, fun, and informative. Cosmetic packaging should grab a customer’s eye and draw them in. a package should also include all of the useful information about the product, so the customer can understand what the product is all about and why it is different from the other similar products on the market.

A cosmetic package should also be made with high-quality materials and should protect the product inside from any damage it may incur in the shipping and transpiration process. Therefore, cosmetic packaging must be a combination between functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which can be a more difficult balance than you may think.

Since it is so important to have the perfect packaging for a cosmetic product, the following areas must be considered when designing the ultimate package for your cosmetic product.

Target Market

Your target market is going to be the biggest influence on your packaging. You will want to appeal to the customers that are most likely to buy your product. If you packaging does not appeal to the right market you will have a hard time selling your product, standing out from the competition, and finding repeat loyal customers.

For instance, when you design an eyeshadow pallet that has been designed for teenage girls, you will want to use bright colors, fun images, cool fonts, and girly things to attract them to your product. However, if you are selling. Refined and all-natural anti-aging cream, your target market is going to be grown adults, which will attract a different aesthetic taste. You may want to choose natural colors, blacks, whites, sophisticated and simple text, and focus more on the benefits of your product on the package itself.

  • Cosmetic Packaging

Brand Awareness and Identity

When designing a cosmetics package, you also want to adhere to the main values of your company and have that reflected on your packaging. If you have an organic, green, and natural product, your packaging should reflect all of your company’s values. Using natural colors, natural inks, finding images of plants and flowers, and the like all reflect your brands identity of a clean and green cosmetics brand.

If your company does not focus as heavily on the use of natural and organic ingredients, you will want to find other ways to reflect the core goals and values of your brand on the packaging. Perhaps you focus more on lab results, science, and doctors to create your cosmetics products. You will want to have those values visually reflected on you packaging to attract the customers who value that as well.

In the end, the cosmetics industry is growing rapidly, and competition is increasing by the minute. In order to keep up with the industry, your packaging needs to improve and become more attractive and functional as well. There are so many different things you can do to make the design of your packaging as fun and unique as possible. Highlighting what makes you different will allow you to fully reflect who you are as a company and why your product os so much better than the other similar products on the market.


Learn more about smart packaging

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