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Water.IO Inner Cap solution

Turn a bottle to a smart bottle with the inner cap solution

Water.IO Inner Cap Solution

Embedded into a disposable bottle cap, water companies can deliver smart bottle solutions with disposable bottles. Embed our technology with your cap supplier, and allow your consumers to enjoy the usage of a smart bottle.

Water.IO Inner Cap Features

The Inner Cap Solution provides:

  • Replace the current cap with a Smart Cap technology
  • A disposable cap that reminds the user to hydrate
  • Cap can come in various shapes, colors and materials
  • Lights can come with various colors and sequences
  • Ability to add vibration to the reminder as well.

Why to use Water.IO Inner Cap Technology

Replace or augment your existing bottle and cap with the Water.IO technology using the Inner Cap solution. This will allow your brand to enjoy a smart bottle solution. Your consumers will enjoy the technology that helps them hydrate on schedule, and keep healthy. The technology also helps you build your brand name, and connect it with innovation and with the consumer well being.

The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish