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Global Packaging: How It’s Progressing to Smart Packaging

  • Global Packaging: How It’s Progressing to Smart Packaging

Trends in global packaging

The global packaging industry is exploding. Over the last ten years, there has been a significant and steady increase of growth in global packaging and it is only continuing to expand more and more by the day.

In fact, by the year 2030, ten years from today, it is expected that global packaging is going to change even more significantly compared to what we have today. More specifically, it is anticipated that the global packaging market size is going to grow by at least 3.03 billion US dollars between the years of 2019 and 2030.

Within the next decade, there are some common expectations for what we are going to see when it comes to packaging. One of the most popular forms of packaging we are going to see boom even more is smart packaging.

Smart packaging will take over the global packaging market

Smart packaging is particularly likely to evolve in areas of digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT.) With the integration of technology into packaging, it will allow companies and brands to gain a more competitive edge and stand out in a global market that is getting more saturated with similar goods by the month.

Smart packaging with better technology is also a perfect way for companies and brands to generate even more solid value for their customers. People are always looking for the newest, greatest, most technologically advanced item, and now, this also includes the way the product is packaged as well.

  • Global Packaging: How It’s Progressing to Smart Packaging

Smart packaging in all industries

We are particularly going to see a shift and focus on smart and intelligent packaging when it comes to the food and beverage industry. Since customers are all about ease and convenience in today’s market, this type of technology in food and beverage packaging will have numerous benefits.

For instance, smart packaging for food products has the ability to visually show customers what the condition of the food inside the package is. This could mean how fresh the food is, if it has spoiled already, or if there is anything toxic present inside of the packaging.

This is achieved through biosensors that can detect certain bacteria and pathogens that might be present. From there, something on the outside of the package will be able to show customers weather the food or beverage product is safe or not.

Smart packaging also goes well beyond food and beverage industries. Smart packaging is also extremely beneficial and necessary in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, personal care, electronics, and much more.

Popularity of smart packaging by region

As far as the countries that are expected to see the most advances and growth in global packaging related to smart and intelligent packaging, the United States comes out on top, quickly followed by Canada. This is likely because the USA and North American in general has the busiest consumer markets in the world.

But close behind the growth in North America comes South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. There is going to be the least and lowest growth seen throughout Europe, including Russia.

Final Thoughts

Global packaging is evolving into a world where smart and intelligent packaging is going to take over and become the main form of packaging within the next decade. Growth has been steady and continues to grow even more as the years go by.

Only time will tell exactly where we will go with smart packaging in the global packaging market, but we are well on our way to world where packaging may get just as intelligent and advanced as the products inside these smart packages are.


Learn more about smart packaging

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