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Healthcare products

Adherence, anti-counterfeit & more

Product Family

The company's solutions identify and measure without direct contact with the medicine, without changing any production lines. The solution comes in three models:

  • Smart Adherence Cap: measures the amount of pills in the bottle
  • Blister Clip-On: automatic identification and measurement for pills in blister packs
  • Smart syrup cap: measure the syrup level

All three solutions provide notification for the consumer to take the medicine on time, both on the smartphone and the cap or blister according to the patient prescription, and at the same time, can generate non-personlized big data for anlaytics for the relevant stake holders.

Blister Clip-on

The blister Clip-On connects to any pills blister pack, it will automatically identify the medicine type and will monitor the dosage, remind to take the pill, and alert before an overdose. It has an AAA battery to operate it, and communicates with a smartphone App.

Adherence Cap

The adherence cap can be added to a medicine pill bottle or a syrup bottle. It will automatically identify opening and closing of the bottle. Once the pill type is configured in the App, it will automatically count the pills in the bottle and will monitor adherence, remind to take the pill, and alert before an overdose. It is connected to a smartphone App.

Adherence App

The adherence App connects to the end products above. It interacts with the consumer, checks the medicine type and needed dosage. The app can actively reminds the consumer to take the medicine. The consumer can view his historical and current adherence profiles. The app can be used to collect feedback from the consumer. It can also prompt the consumer for a refill (Re-Order), and send a message to the pharmacy or doctor.

Adherence Dashboard

The dashboard allows the brand to monitor the usage of the solution, giving a view into all the big data analytics. For example:

  • Adherence levels
  • Consumer Reaction time
  • Overdose levels
  • Consumer feedback

The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish