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Intelligent Packaging

The next generation of Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging Next Generation

Intelligent packaging refers to packaging that interacts with the manufacturers, retailer and consumers to communicate status, product changes and offer other information. Intelligent Packages uses sensors or measuring technologies that do not touch the product. Smart water bottles, anti-tampering and anti-counterfeit technologies are just a few examples. Intelligent packaging actually senses the internal and external conditions of the product, such as quantity (internal), temperature (external) and usage patterns and can inform the consumer or manufacturer on status of product or alert user to actions that need to be taken. For example a bottle or vials can alert consumer when it’s time to take a medication, when a household product is about to empty and needs re-ordering, how much water the consumer needs to drank on a hot day, and other information. This communication can work in two directions, offering the retainer or manufacturer valuable data about user behavior and enabling accurate promotions to increase sales.

The Intelligent Packaging Industry

The smart packaging industry as a whole is being driven by increasingly changing lifestyles, demand for sustainability, fresh and quality products – regardless of import/export times. In industries such as pharma, adherence conductors and anti-counterfeit needs are driving companies to adopt technologically advanced packaging. Challenges to the industry do exist, and developers must answer concerns related to data security and privacy, medical efficacy and cost.

Intelligent packaging statistics

Market statistics show tremendous year after year growth in this industry. The 2016 Research and Markets report "North American Active And Intelligent Packaging Market - Forecasts, Trends And Shares (2015- 2020)" states that “he North America Active and Intelligent packaging market is estimated to grow from $7.12 billion in 2015 to $9.34 billion by the end of 2020 at a CAGR of 6.65%. The United States leads the market with almost 85% of the market share and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.57%. North America is the leader of the market for packaging. It accounts for more than 30% of the market and it is still growing, the prime driver for this of its culture of e-commerce and packed food. The demand for packed and frozen foods is also a major factor in the increasing use of Active and Intelligent packaging”

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