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The Internet Of Everything Will Change Every Part Of Our Lives

The internet of everything or IoE will soon have a huge impact on our lives and businesses, connected devices are popping up like rain drops and changes the way companies and people communicate with each other.

This new internet that connects everything with everything will bring new opportunities that most of us can't even think of yet and when these new things become the norm people will eventually forget how our lives were simple and unplugged just a few years ago. Think of the mobile phones revolution in the early 2000's to get an idea of what i'm talking about. It will be huge, and it will change everything.

Almost everything you will own in the next couple of years will have a microprocessor or some sort of communication chip that will enable Wifi, Bluetooth or GSM based signal communication, think of your watch that is already capable of doing these things and you can just imagine where it will go from there

The internet of everything

Your fridge, your car, your watch and even your shoes and food packages, all these and more will be part of the IoE revolution and to truly grasp how our lives will be and which devices will be involved and which opportunities these will create for all of us.

Think about all the new tech jobs that this field will bring when it will be mainstream. There was a survey done with 1,400 business leaders by Accenture and 86% of them think that the industrial Internet of Everything will be a huge creator of jobs(1) in the near future.

As the IoE will be more popular, you will begin to see a new type of jobs that will emerge and current job roles will be redefined to fit the new landscape and need. IoE will have a big impact on how we work, and it will change many jobs at all levels within a company or even small business.

The tech behind IoE

Before jumping right in into what the IoE will do to jobs, let's understand what exactly IoE is. In very basic way, the Internet of everything is an expansion of the " Internet of Things ". Why and expansion? Because it connects not just the physical devices we use, but it literally connects everything around us by getting it all on the network and online. Everything will be connected all the time.

Don't think that IoE is just a buzzword or a trend, this is not just connecting a few devices to one another and the internet or offer higher computing power.

It goes well beyond basic M2M communications and the integration of devices with one another and the internet. It is rather the interconnection of various devices that will lead to automation and advanced intelligent applications.

IoE has a hand in almost every industry from retail to communications to even banking and consumer brands. The Internet of Everything will connect more devices ( hopefully all ) to the network. It will increase and stretch the network as we know it.

The IoE comes with a demand

everything is connected

In order to set up or implement IoE on the network, there are a few demands. It makes sense because when you're adding more devices you will need more resources that need to be managed correctly in order for everything to work as it should.

Think about extra funding, more staff or even network downtime to get everything just right. There are decisions that need to be made from both a technological and enterprise levels to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Just with what we talked about here, there is an opening for more technology implementation manager roles or network administrators that will need to be on staff.

The new workers will be the middle men ( or women ) between the old world and the new. Between the IT teams and the C-Suite and they will be the ones that will educate everyone else in the organization or company on what you can do and what's out there in terms on IoE. When a business plans his goals and innovative ideas in regards to Internet of All Things these guys will make sure everything happens as it should.

Once the company goal or new operation is off the ground, these new employees will be the day to day contact point for the vendor and will also connect the IT teams and C-Suite teams as we pointed out.

The overall impact of Internet of Everything on job growth

These are just a few examples of how IoE will affect your job in the future and obviously the changes will be much grater and on all aspects of life.

Like you probably already understood, the IoE will have a huge positive impact on the jobs market and our overall life. People will need and will learn the knowledge necessary to own the skills to act as the new workers for the IoE age and the number of new jobs that this field will create will be huge.

So how big will the internet of everything is?

Well, the short answer is, as big as it can be. When we think about this subject it's hard to comprehend just how big this field will grow to be, it will impact every aspect of our lives and it's easy to say that in the next 15 years almost everything that we will come in contact with will be connected. Will a world that seems to never go offline be a better one or worse? Only time will tell.

The blueprint of the internet of everything
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