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IoT Smart Products Platform

  • IoT Smart Products Platform

Evrythng is an IoT smart products platform that essentially turns anything into a smart product. Any physical product can get a “digital identity” so it can connect to the web and do things it could otherwise not do.

Evrythng first came to fruition in 2011 and was founded by many large corporations such as Samsung, Cisco, Sway Ventures, and many more. The IoT-based platform is focused on enterprises and provides a way to manage various intelligent software identities for smart objects. It is to be used with products that use technologies such as QR codes, NFC, RFID, etc. all of these technologies are connected to the Internet directly.

Evrythng is mainly used in three different ways: better tracking of products as they move through the supply chain, improving customers experiences with products (i.e. smart packaging,) and plugging directly into different smart home products.

More specific features of this special platform include:

  • Product identity management.
  • Real-time data management.
  • Security and access control.
  • Analytics and insights.
  • Product connection management.
  • Local cloud gateway.
  • Cloud to cloud connectors.

One example of a company that uses the Evrythng smart products platform is Avery Dennison. They are a global leader in footwear and apparel branding, but they are also a leader in RFID and labelling technologies. Using the smart platform technology, the company has been able to connect more than ten billion products within the apparel and footwear industries.

So far, this is the largest switch a company has used to an IoT platform today. Each of the ten billion items will be given their own digital identity. All of the information that is collected from these products will be stored in the Cloud where that information can be used for a multitude of purposes.

One purpose is to connect with their customers on a more unique and personal level. Customers can connect with their products via an app on their smartphone and have access to important information, deal, news, and so much more. The brand becomes much more interactive with their customers, providing the customer with a better and more intuitive experience, while also allowing the company to learn more about their customers and provide them with the best products and experiences possible. These products will also become much smarter as well, providing an endless amount of benefits for customers and brands.

Smarter products will be able to use real-time data and analytics collected from these devices to help solve problems that arise quickly. They may even be able to solve issues before they even have a chance to affect the customer or their experience with the app or product itself.

  • IoT Smart Products Platform

Today, consumers love personalization. Brands and products that tailor items to specific people who are looking for certain things do far better than companies that do not have personalization options. With Evrythng, brands can easily and effectively give their customers a personalized experience. They can access personalized content through a phone app that can suggest other similar products, user tips, styling suggestions, or items that they might like based on their previous purchases.

Evrythng can also help companies with brand protection. Through real-time analytics and special digital authentication practices, they can track their items in real time and also make sure there are no counterfeit products making their way into their supply chain.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits is better sustainability. Once a product is at the end of its life, it breaks, or is otherwise unusable, information can be sent to the customer on the best way to discard their item. It may suggest nearby recycling centers that the customer to discard the item. If it is clothing or shoes, they customer may get a personalized suggestion on where to donate clothing or sell items to a thrift store.


Learn more about smart packaging

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