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Is Custom Packaging Necessary

  • Is Custom Packaging Necessary

Today, customization is one of the biggest keys to success in just about all industries. Customers are looking for a tailored and personalized experience – something that makes them feel special and unique. Even the packaging of a product is something that customers take into consideration when they buy or product or get a product they ordered online in the mail.

In the item they ordered in delivered in a generic and boring box with nothing special, they are much less likely to feel drawn, attracted, and inclined to love the product they received. However, if their item comes in a package with logos, fun colors, font, interesting written material, and even something like multicolored tissue paper inside, you have created a playful and memorable unboxing experience for the customer.

With so much competition across all industries, it is imperative to stand apart from the crowd and do something just a little bit different. Therefore, custom packaging is necessary for your brand to grow and thrive.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a simple and easy to understand concept. Instead of using a generic cardboard box without any writing, colors, images, logos, etc. a custom box allows to you print whatever you may like on your box.

Custom packaging includes things like custom box designs, interior packaging for protecting your unique item, the best way to ship your specific item, and more. A custom shipping company to recommend or design box fillers, such as packing peanuts, air filled bags, or something new that helps to protect your item in the most stylish and efficient way possible.

  • Is Custom Packaging Necessary

Benefits of Custom Packaging

There is a wide variety of benefits to custom packaging. One of the most important benefits of custom packaging designs is customer experience. I a customer gets their order in the mail and the box is unique, colorful, and has your brand’s logo on it, they will immediately know what it is, and it will stand apart from the brown boxes other companies use. You want to create an interesting experience for your customers and make them remember your brand from the packaging to the product itself.

Custom boxes also provide your item with the best shipping protection and care possible. When you use a custom shipping solution, the company you use can also design a box that will allow you protect to be fully secure and protected according to its technical specifications. If you have a product that is a unusual size or shape, a custom package can go a long way to ensure it remains safe during transit to the customer.

Furthermore, when you choose to use custom packaging you can use much more sustainable and greener options as well. For instance, you can choose recyclable materials or choose green alternatives to plastic to reduce the amount of waste your company is producing. Often time you can even choose options for reusable packaging depending on the item you are shipping, so your customers can have multiple uses from your item’s package and there is less waste as well.

Lastly, custom packaging can even save your brand money in the long run. Although it does cost a bit more to design and use a custom package for your items, it will actually help to reduce the costs associated with the actual shipping fees. You will save money because you can save wasted space during the shipping process, which allows you to ship more products at once. It creates a more efficient shipping experience for you and the company you use to ship your products, saving you lots of money in the long run.


Learn more about smart packaging

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