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Live Products: We Can Interact with Almost Any Object

  • Live Products: We Can Interact with Almost Any Object

In today’s world, it seems like most of the products and objects we can buy and that are around us are smart, connected, and something we can interact with.

We can tell our fridge to let us know when we are out of milk, we can ask a robot to play our favorite music, and some cars can even park for us when we don’t want to.

Our world is changing very quickly, and live, smart products are simply becoming a norm. over the next twenty years, it is likely that everything we touch, see, and interact with will be connected to the web and The Internet of Everything.

In this post, we will take a peek at some of the coolest, newest, or most unusual live products that we interact with mostly every day and might not even know it.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights have been around for many, many years. They are essential to our life and keep drivers on the road safe every single day. Now, we are seeing smart traffic lights popping up all over the world that take controlling traffic to the next level.

These lights can dim or become brighter during certain times of the day or when whether changes. For instance, when it is raining and dark, it is harder to see a traffic light. Therefore, the traffic light will become brighter, so it is much easier for people to see the lights, which will reduce traffic accidents.

There are also some companies that are looking into having traffic lights able to sense when an emergency vehicle is near, so it can alert drivers they need to pull over for an incoming firetruck, ambulance, etc.


Going along with traffic lights, smart roads are becoming a real thing as well. In Ann Arbor, MI, the Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot is being tested, there, they have smart road lines and smart road railings that are able to sense cars and communicate with each other.

Information that is collected by this tech is then sent to a car in real-time and can communicate important information. For example, the data pulled from the smart road can alert a driver if they are speeding, what the speed of the road is, traffic issues, accidents, weather, the conditions of the road currently, and so much more.

All of this information can help prevent car accidents by keeping the driver safer and more informed.

  • Live Products: We Can Interact with Almost Any Object

Sneakers and Shoes

Yes, even a shoe can become a live product that can interact with a human! Nike, one of the biggest sports apparels and equipment makers in the world, has just come out with a smart sneaker.

Their new technology has a sensor embedded into the foot bed of the shoe that can collect data and send that data to the person’s smartphone. Runners, walkers, and athletes can see how quickly they can run, what distance they ran or walked, and much more.

This information is recorded from the pressure on your foot on the shoe. You can share your results with others, store all of your times right on an app, and help yourself improve your times in an easy and efficient manner. You can also compete with others to see how you stack up against other runners, walker, athletes and more.

Cereal Boxes

Although this mind-blowing technology is not yet ready to hit the supermarket shelves quite yet, it is something we may see popping up in the future.

Cereal boxes can become live products by lighting up certain parts of the box itself to entice adults and children alike to buy the cereal.


Learn more about smart packaging

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