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Product Reordering: How New Technology is Changing a Simple Concept

  • Product Reordering

Any company that makes or carries products will need to reorder products before they run out. Before new technology came to fruition that assist with the reordering process, employees at stores would need to manually track, manage, and re-order all products.

The issue with this manual process is that human error occurs, and mistakes are often made. For instance, an employee may accidentally purchase 1000 items instead of 100 do to an entry error. Or perhaps someone forgets a popular product is running low and replacements are not ordered. This leads to loss of sales and money for the company.

In an effort to combat these type of issues, new technologies have been developed. IoT is responsible for many of these new innovations.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways product reordering has changed and why it improves the experiences for manufactures, stores, and customers.

Walmart and Easy Reorder

Since shoppers are all about convenience and how quickly they can purchase the goods they need, Walmart has introduced a new feature to their online store. With the addition of the Easy Reorder feature, shopped can access items they recently purchased on the Walmart website or in the app.

It will show you the items you purchase the most frequently, so you can simply add them to your cart and checkout instantly. This works for in-store purchases as well and it blends both retail shopping and online shopping to create a comprehensive experience.

Having these options are appealing to customers so they do not have to search through the website again just to reorder products they buy every week or month.

It is also beneficial to Walmart because it provides direct insights into the buying habits and patterns of shoppers. They store can see what items are most popular, how much they sell, and how frequently they sell any specific item.

Amazon and Dash Buttons

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, you are probably familiar with Amazon Dash Buttons. These are small buttons, both real and virtual, that allow shoppers to press a button and have products shipped to their home. There is no need to search for items online, checkout, etc. meaning you can automatically replenish your pet food, toilet paper, laundry detergent with the push of a button.

  • Product Reordering

Various B2B Commerce Software

Product reordering is not just about the customers buying products. It is also about the way stores are able to reorder their products easily and conveniently.

Thanks to many different B2B commerce software platforms, reordering products to stock store shelves has never been easier. These solutions make to reordering process less time consuming and faster. Mobile apps or computer programs allow employees to reorder products through an intuitive user interface.

These are just two simple and easy to understand examples of how the LoRa Network would make life easier, simpler, and much more efficient in specific industries and everyday life. As time passes, we will see the practical application of LoRa more, changing our lives for the better.

In addition to a simple interface, barcode scanning, search functions, clear images of products on the reorder page, and more make the reordering process fluid. Employees and retailers can also begin a new order based on the items they have purchased in the past and it often pulls up the most frequently ordered products making the process even quicker.


Commerce software has been about to produce nearly error-free reordering experiences and it has cut the time it takes to reorder products from 45 minutes to only 15 minutes. This is a significant time reduction for reordering products and retailers are no longer at the helm of the product’s distributer’s hours. Saving time also gives employees at retail stores more time to focus on their other work, like assisting customers and providing a pleasant shopping experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, product reordering has come a long way for both customers, distributors, and retail stores alike. Using technology and new software tools provides an easier and more seamless experience that make that can simplify the lives of everyone.

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