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Remote Patient Monitoring During COVID-19

  • Remote Patient Monitoring During COVID-19

Although remote patient monitoring has become increasingly popular throughout the last few years due to the increase and availability of new technologies, there has still been a limit on the amount it has been used.

However, since COVID-19 has spread throughout the world and many countries, like the USA, they are still struggling with spreading cases and deaths.

Since interactions must be limited in person and as many people are being encouraged to stay home whenever possible, a new way to see patients and monitor how they are doing has been needed. One of the best ways to still see and monitor patients and their health conditions is through remote patient monitoring.

What is remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is a specific type of healthcare delivery that is rather new to the medical field and patients but has an ample amount of benefits.

This system allows some of the best and newest technologies to gather a wide range of information and data from patients that does not come from a person physically going into a doctor’s office.

The goal is to move healthcare and certain treatments to a virtual healthcare program rather than having patients constantly coming into the office for checkups, treatments, exams, and much more. Overall, a shift away from the traditional doctor’s office setting is the main goal.

The idea is to make it easier for patients to get the appropriate treatment they need, allow doctors to monitor their patients’ health, and ensure they are following their treatment protocols correctly. But by doing this work through remote capabilities through tech devices, it is much easier and less of a hassle for patients overall. They are stay in the comfort of their own home and receive their necessary treatment.

The most popular and common forms of tech used are devices that are in close resemblance to smartphones and tablets - something that most people engage with on a daily basis and know how to use.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring During COVID-19

Why remote patient monitoring is critical during COVID-19

While there are many benefits of remote patient monitoring during normal times, RPM during a global pandemic, like COVID-19, has proved just how beneficial and necessary remote patient monitoring actually is.

Since people have the limit the amount of interactions they have with people, be mindful of remaining six feet apart at all times and are required to wear face coverings in public in many places, heading out to the doctor’s office for a routine appointment has changed.

Some patients have needed to stay home or wait to see the doctor until it was safer to leave the house. Many patients were fearful to keep their needed appointments due to the potential exposure to others in the office who may be carrying the virus. This is of particular importance for those who have diseases and medical conditions that weaken their immune systems and make them more vulnerable to contracting the virus.

The best way to combat these issues and fears is to do as much healthcare as possible through remote options. It keeps people safe and in the comfort of their own homes but allows doctors to still care for and monitor their patients.

It also gives the patient themselves and their family the peace of mind that they are being looked after and taken care of.


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