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RFID Based Packaging

  • RFID Based Packaging

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Essentially, RFID uses radio waves to read and communicate with specific information that is part of a tag on a certain product. The tag can then be read by a reader that can read the tag from nearby or a few feet away from the tag. The reader does not need to be in the direct path of the tag.

How Does RFID Work?

There are just two simple parts to an FRID system and that includes the tag and the reader. The tags are made up of a transmitter and a receiver and the RFID is composed of a microchip and an antenna. The microchip stores and processes information and the antenna receive and transmits that’s signal. Tags have a unique serial number that corresponds to only one specific object so that object can be easily found and tracked at any given time.

In order for those specific tags to be read, a reader device is used so it can collect all of the information from the tag. The reader works by using a two-way transmitter that can read the signal the tag is emitting. The tag is then able to communicate back to the reader and give it all of the information stored within the tag’s memory. From there, the detailed information can be read from a computer with a program designed to collect and interpret that information.

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How Is RFID Used in Packaging?

In packaging, RFID is used for numerous reasons. It can protect against theft and fraud, but it can also help businesses and manufactures track any damages to packages, identify any losses, errors, or when packages are not being delivered on time. For instance, one a certain product or package leaves a warehouse it is often shipped in a shipping container and moved by ship cargo. In a process that is at times challenging to track, RFID comes in handy for tracking packages and the cargo containers during the shipping process.

An RFID tag is placed on the product and on the container and the tags can then be tracked in real-time, so a company can see exactly where their shipment is, if it is on time, or if there are any issues with the package or shipping process. In this case, ultra-high-frequency RFID allows the reader to communicate with the tag from a longer distance so the identification process is much quicker and more efficient.

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