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Sigfox - Everything You Need to Know

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What is Sigfox?

Is the most basic form, Sigfox is a global IoT network that never needs to use and maintain a connection of networks to listen to the billions of connected devices that broadcast data. They provide software communication solutions that are entirely managed through the Cloud, so the communication does not have to happen on the individual devices. In return, this reduces the energy used by such devices, and the cost goes down as well

Sigfox is known as an ultra-narrowband technology. Ultra narrow-band technology means Sigfox uses regular radio transmissions through binary phase-shift keying and only takes small pieces of spectrum and information at a time. From there, it changes the carrier radio wave and enables that wave to encode the data it is transmitting. This particular process makes it so the receiver can only listen to that small, narrow piece of spectrum and can reduce the effects of noise, so it is easier to interpret the message that the signal sends.

Sigfox accomplishes these goals by setting antennas on tall towers so they can receive any data transmissions from a variety of devices such as meters and sensors. Think about mobile towers that our cell phones use to get their signals for phone calls, text messages, etc.

Sigfox’s technology uses radio transmission to send tiny amounts of data at a languid pace, so it is easier and more efficient to hear the messages being sent and received.

Why Do People Use and Need Sigfox?

There is a multitude of ways that people and companies can use, and need, the services Sigfox provides.

If we take a look at home and lifestyle, the tech Sigfox provides more reliable services and signals for home security systems. Most of the residential security alarms in people’s homes are connected through the GSM and a central alerting system that talk with one another. However, Sigfox can step in if someone uses a GSM jammer to block the signal of the alarm to break into your home, and Sigfox can make sure the signals from the home alarm are going directly to the home security company.

Sigfox can also use their technology to track your pet in real-time through unique pet collars. You can tell when your dog leaves your property and receive an alert if this ever happens. You can then track your pet through their systems so you can bring them home safely as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On a larger and more professional scale, Sigfox can also be used in large and small smart buildings. Smart buildings use IoT to talk and communicate with specific devices throughout a smart building. Sigfox can provide less expensive smart building solutions to their customers, a more autonomous experience, and much more freedom to customize a smart building the way a client wants.

  • Sigfox

Their systems can gather real-time information about the smart building’s functions and systems like stability within the building, bug and rodent infestations, how trash has been collected, or what temperature the building should be during certain times of the day.

For instance, Sigfox’s systems can track the level of trash within a dumpster. When the dumpster is full, a signal can be sent from the dumpster to the Cloud, and the Cloud can then send a request to the town or city requesting the trash be emptied and taken away.

Furthermore, Sigfox can also detect the infrastructure stability in your building, monitor HVAC, boilers, lights, electricity, power levels, fire alarms, building security, and so much more. They use their IoT equipped sensors all over your smart building that can easily track all of these essential systems. These systems mean no more testing fire alarms, making sure your power is fully functioning, or having to worry about the air quality in your building or when something can break down. The constant information that is sent back through Sigfox’s systems keeps you ahead of the curve so you can be prepared in all situations.

What is even more impressive is the fact the batteries in these sensors can last for years due to the small, slow bursts of information that are sent with ultra narrowband technology.

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