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The Smart Hydration Dashboard for Water Brands

Water.Dashboard Description

Beverage and water companies ship today hundreds of billions of bottles without knowing who drinks their products, when, where, how this is correlated to factors like geography, weather, etc.
This is the first time that beverage and water companies will have an opportunity to gather information about their customers in real time and use that data to build new opportunities for growth. The Dashboard contains both real-time and historical hydration information and analytics.

Water.Dashboard Features

The Analytics Dashboard will allow you:

  • Monitor the brand real time usage
  • Monitor historical usage
  • Monitor geographical usage
  • Analytics on different group segments and their hydration usage
  • Monitor reactions to marketing activity like TV, Radio and Social Networks

Why to use Water.Dashboard

The Water.Dashboard gives your brand the insights they never had. Ability to see when people are actually using your beverage or water brand. what are the different usage profiles etc.

The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish