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Water Reminder

Hydration Reminder Smart Bottles

Water.Reminder Description

The 1st version, "Reminder", helps users by reminding them when to keep hydrated throughout the day. This version contains a simple reminder that blinks, vibrates, or sounds an alarm to alert users that it’s time to hydrate. The smart cap keeps track of when the water bottle is opened or closed to avoid false alarms. Settings can be changed to alert users to drink during a predetermined period – such as once an hour or once every half hour, and the technology will adjust reminders based on bottle usage so users aren’t reminded to do something they’ve already done.

Water.Reminder Technical specification

The Water.Reminder product, works based on the following possible components:

  • Reminder mechanism, could be light, sound or vibration
  • Touch Sensor - identifies user touch on the cap
  • Light Sensor - identifies the lightning status of the room
  • closure / package Sensor - identifies the status of the cap: opened or closed

Why to use Water.Reminder

The Water.Reminder is a basic application that helps you and your loved ones stay hydrated.
It is best used with people who just forget to drink and a small reminder that they should drink will improve their hydration habits.
Due to the innovative nature of the Water.Reminder, it also causes people, and especially children, to remember their water bottles, thus being much more focused on hydration even without being reminded.

The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish