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Smart Hydration Products Next Generation hydration

Water Reminder

The 1st version, "Reminder", helps users by reminding them when to keep hydrated throughout the day. This version contains a simple reminder that blinks, vibrates, or sounds an alarm to alert users that it’s time to hydrate. The smart cap keeps track of when the water bottle is opened or closed to avoid false alarms. Settings can be changed to alert users to drink during a predetermined period – such as once an hour or once every half hour, and the technology will adjust reminders based on bottle usage so users aren’t reminded to do something they’ve already done.

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Water connected

The 2nd version, "Connected" measures in real time any water consumption or addition to the bottle, and is fully connected to the customers’ mobile phone. The “connected” Water.IO cap will take into account customers’ personal details such as weight, age, and gender. It also notes other important factors, such as the weather outside and if the user was active in that day, this in order to personalize the reminder to the user and determine when, and how much, they need to drink. Users will be able to monitor the information through the Water.IO app on their smart phones.

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Water health

The 3rd version, "Health", includes all of the functionality of version 2, and empowers users to incorporate other elements alongside their water intake in real time. Users can add their vitamins, minerals, or supplements to their water or let the algorithm choose customized reminders. The 3rd generation is capable of adding supplements like vitamins, or flavor additives that are released from inside the cap to the water.

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Water App

The application comes with private label options for water and beverage company brands, providing a first and unique opportunity to engage with their customers directly. These businesses will have the added opportunity to combine powerful data to learning more about their customers, opening the door to new promotions and dialog with customers as well as providing promotional opportunities.

The App connects to all the major health mobile platforms from companies such as Google Fit, Apple Healthkit and Microsoft Health, as well as popular fitness devices and applications such as Fitbit and Jawbone.

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Water dashboard

Beverage and water companies ship today hundreds of billions of bottles without knowing who drinks their products, when, where, how this is correlated to factors like geography, weather, etc.

This is the first time that beverage and water companies will have an opportunity to gather information about their customers in real time and use that data to build new opportunities for growth. The Dashboard contains both real-time and historical hydration information and analytics.

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