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Smart Packaging Systems

  • Smart Packaging Systems

Smart packaging systems refers to packaging systems that that incorporate sensors and other technologies to enhance the product packaging itself in a variety of different ways. Smart packaging is commonly used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, beauty industry, and in many other industries and products as well.

Smart packaging systems can be used to extend food self-life, make sure the food is staying fresh, a product has or has not been tampered with. It may also simply provide a customer with more information about the product they are buying or using so they can be more informed about use and purchasing.

Smart packaging systems are becoming such a hot topic in the packaging world that it is estimated that there will be an annual growth of 11%, meaning that by the year 2020 it will be a whopping $39.7 billion market.

Smart packaging systems are gaining such strength and popularity because smart systems provide many additional benefits compared to regular forms of packaging.

Smart packaging system help reduce the amount of theft and counterfeiting, which is a massive problem in the consumer world. Brand name products and other luxury items are the main targets of theft and counterfeit goods. It causes these brands to lose mass amounts of money, customers lose faith in the brands, and it can pose a serious health risk for companies in the food and pharmaceuticals industries. Fake medications can make people very ill due to contaminations with chemicals fillers.

To combat these issues, smart packaging systems can help reduce the risk greatly. RFID technology can be used in packaging systems by imbedding these systems directly into a product package. The RFID can send signals to a special reader, so there can be constant communication with the package at all times. This constant communication can ensure that the product is not being tampered with. It can also help theft from happening as well since the RFID tag and the sensor can keep track of the product’s range at all times.

This technology helps with theft in two main ways. Firstly, it will help limit the amount of theft of products directly from retail stores. There is still a large problem with people stealing clothing, shoes, beauty products, and electronics from sores. Secondly, RFID technology can also help ensure manufactures and supply chain management minimize theft as well. There is a lot of opportunity for stolen goods during the logistics and transportation of goods process. RFID can help keep track of the whereabouts of these goods at all times, so if something is amiss, the manufacturer will know right away.

  • Smart Packaging Systems

Although this is only one example of a smart packaging system, these types of technologies are changing the way we use every day products and the way we see how these products are packaged. A package is no longer a simple plastic casing that is only used to protect the produce inside and ship the product from location to location. Packaging is becoming a complex and technologically advanced system that is only going to grow and become better in the years to come.


Learn more about smart packaging

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