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Smart Packaging Systems

  • Smart Packaging Systems

Smart packaging is becoming more and more popular, although there is still quite a long way to go and only a handful of companies have really started digging deep in this area. However, we are beginning to see smart packaging being used by companies at an expanding rate due to the multitude of benefits these smart packaging systems have.

Even though we are not quite these yet, smart packaging systems are eventually expected to dominate the packaging industry.

So, what exactly is smart packaging? Are there benefits of smart packaging or is it just hype? In this post, we aim to answer these two very important questions will discussing some of the basics of smart packaging systems that everyone should be familiar with.

What are smart packaging systems?

Think about it like this, smart packing systems are simply forms of optimized packaging. Optimized packaging furthers the function of the package.

A package is no longer just something to protect a product in the shipping and buying process – a package now becomes an experience. It provides the customer with more information, it can connect to their smartphones, it can let you know whether food is still fresh or not, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Therefore, the packaging protects the product in a more sophisticated way while also using technology and smart systems to improve their experience for the final customer.

With that being said, smart packaging systems are made up of two distinct systems and those are intelligent packaging and active packaging.

Intelligent packaging communicates with the final customer. It is there to provide further information about what is inside of the package. It also able to monitor the products within the package during the distribution process.

The second part is active packaging. This system helps to alert when there is something wrong with the product. For instance, if a food inside of a package begins to spoil.

Benefits of smart packaging systems

There are quite a few benefits when it comes to smart packaging systems. These systems are aimed to help both the customer and the companies and that making and packaging the products. Below are a few of the top benefits we see from smart packaging systems:

Smart packaging is able to improve security for customers. Smart packaging can let customers know if something has been tampered with and they should not use to product. This is of particular importance when it comes to food items and was ad medications and other types of pharmaceuticals.

These special smart systems can also give companies a huge boost in the marketing of their product. Companies can make their products and packages stand out more with a wide variety of fun and information materials to place on and/or in their packaging units. For instance, perhaps a toy company allows a smart phone to scan a toy package so the kid can see how to play with the toy before they buy it. This will entice the child and the parent to buy that product over another similar toy.

As far as the benefits for the company itself goes, one of the main benefits they are going to see is in the ability to optimize transport of their products and improve logistics efficiency. This tech allows a company to more closely track and monitor their products while they are being shipped. It is much less likely for products to go missing or get stolen during the shipping process.

Furthermore, smart systems can provide critical information about how packages should be handled and stored. This can prevent items from spoiling, breaking, etc., so companies can make sure their products are handled correctly, in return, saving these companies lots of money in the process.

  • Smart Packaging Systems

Final thoughts

In the end, smart packaging systems have a multitude of benefits. Smart packaging systems are both equally useful for end customers as well as the companies making and shipping the items as well.

Although not everyone has yet adopted smart packaging systems, we are well on our way to a future where all packaging for products and goods will entail some form of smart packaging systems. There has already been an increase in the use of smart packaging and that is expected to grow quite rapidly in the upcoming years.


Learn more about smart packaging

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