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Smart Packaging Technology: The Most Popular Tech of Today

  • Smart Packaging Technology: The Most Popular Tech of Today

Smart packaging technology has come a long way in the last few years. Many companies and brands have started to use some form of smart packaging systems, but we still have a long way to go before it becomes the norm for all companies and products being sold on the market.

With that being said, the brands that have decided to begin using smart packaging technology are excelling. They are seeing great benefits and customers are happy with their experience. This is largely due to the fact that people are getting and more personalized and interactive experience from smart packing technology. It is something new and exciting, and in this day and age, that is of utmost importance for brands to succeed with so much competition.

In this article, we are going to take a deeper look at some of the most popular forms of smart packaging technologies that are already being used today. These types of smart packages are fun, exciting, unique, and help customers make better informed decisions as well.

Let’s take a peek at some of the most popular smart packaging technologies below! Some are convenient and helpful, while others are out of this world mind blowing.

  • Smart Packaging Technology: The Most Popular Tech of Today

Caps the detect when food has spoiled

Have you ever wondered if that milk sitting in the back of your fridge has gone bad? Well, if you have, there is a solution for that! Some milk caps can now detect when milk has spoiled so you aren’t taking a big sip of rotten milk. The caps can detect certain bacteria in the milk that is present when it goes bad. It can then alert you it is bad by shaking the carton and letting it splash on the cap. It will then show an alert on the outside to let you know if it is safe or not.

Scannable labels

QR codes have become a very popular and widely used form of smart packaging technology. It has been around for a while and most people are familiar with how to use the codes. QR codes can be on anything from food, drinks, maps, signs, newspapers, toys, and so much more.

Customers scan these bar-type codes with their smartphones and from there, the phone will load a webpage that is related to the code and product that you scanned. For instance, say you can a chocolate bar label QR code. The code may take you to a page on their website that shows you exactly how to make the best chocolate chip cookies with their chocolate bar.

Liquor bottles that can connect to the cloud

One particular company, Johnnie Walker Whisky, had found an extremely innovative way to protect itself and their customers against counterfeit products. They have partnered with a company called Norwegian company, Thinfilm. Technology is used to address counterfeit bottles in a better and more efficient way. The films can confirm or deny the authenticity of the bottle.

Furthermore, since the special bottles and films are connected to the Cloud, the brand can use it to their advantage as a marketing tool. They have the ability to communicate directly with their customers in an effort to make their experience with the company even better and stronger. Customers are able to connect through their smartphones and they can gain access to a wide variety of useful information about the brand, the whiskey, recipes, and do much more.


Learn more about smart packaging

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