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Smart Pill Box -

Your vitamins brand turn really smart

Be alert to your health. Never forget your supplements

Smart Pill Box -
Adherence to reminder
Smart Pill Box -
Automatically replenish
Smart Pill Box -
Health improvements
Smart Pill Box - product
Smart Pill Box - app


Monitor your adherence using an App


Get to your house a new product just on time


Your bottle reminds you to take a pill by flashing lights

Never forget your supplements

It will automatically identify opening and closing of the bottle, count the pills in the bottle and will monitor adherence. Remind to take the pill, and alert before an overdose. It is also connected to a smartphone App and can have a re-order service.

Insights Dashboard

Turn data into insights. Engage.

Real usage patterns in real time and historical. Use real data to build insights and new business opportunities

Insights Dashboard
Products usage data
Insights Dashboard
Direct consumer engagement
Insights Dashboard
Increases sales and performance
Smart Pill Box - product Smart Pill Box - app Smart Pill Box - dashboard

Connected Cap

Monitor bottle usage and remind the consumer to take supplements

Branded App

Monitor adherence insights. Enable automatically re-order service

Insights Dashboard

Create insights from consumer data. Engage with them

The platform effect

Your company will get an opportunity to gather information about your consumers in real time and use that data to build new insights and opportunities for growth. The Dashboard contains historical adherence information. See reactions to marketing activity like TV, Radio online media and Social Networks.

Usualy I remember, but when I do not, the smart box kicks in
Perfect. Reminds only when needed
It also helps me to check if I already took a pill today
Smart Pill Box - product Smart Pill Box - product specs

Battery life

up to 12 months

Shelf life

12 months


Screw and flip top caps

Screw Sizes

Any size


41 mm


iOS and Android


Web based SAAS




Any Panton color


17.6 mm
Smart Pill Box - product Smart Pill Box - product


Smart Pill Box - description Smart Pill Box - description
Smart Pill Box - product
The Digital Solution For You
  • Improved Compliance
  • Real Consumer Engagement
  • Enable Digital Reorder
    & Replenish