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Can Some Vitamins Make You Smarter?

  • Can Some Vitamins Make You Smarter?

There is a vitamin or supplement for any problem, concern, or condition you want to prevent. From helping to suppress hunger to preventing certain diseases to making your hair grow longer and look shinier, you can help just about anything with a vitamin!

Since there are so many different types of vitamins and vitamin combination on the market, are there vitamins that can make you smarter? Can you develop your brain and certain skills more with certain vitamins and special vitamin formulations? If you can, does it actually make you smarter or are you simply sharpening skills in specific areas?

Although this is a complex subject with many twists and turns, we will focus on giving an overview and brief and simple outline of what types of vitamins may make you smarter, or at least increase your brain power and sharpen your already present skills.


Nootropics are neuroenhancement supplements that are used to potentially increase and improve your cognitive function and brain power. The first nootropic pills were developed over fifty years ago and boosting brain power is certainly not a new concept. People have always been searching for ways to increase their cognitive function and intelligence in hopes of being able to do more and be more than they already are.

Nootropics can either come from natural or synthetic sources and nootropics are often combined with other forms of nootropics to stack the effects and create even more accelerated brain function.

It is important to keep in mind that all forms of nootropics are not regulated and much more research and study on nootropics must be done to establish their effectiveness and safety on the human bod and brain.

Nootropics Examples


This pill was one of the first nootropic cognitive enhancing pills to hit the market all the way back in 1964. There are many studies on this nootropic compared to other smart pills on the market. Studies have confirmed it does significantly improve your cognitive abilities, particularly in the area of memory. However, this supplement is not approved in the US as a medical drug or supplement.


This nootropic is prized for its ability to help people recover from various types of neurological trauma, but also for its ability to improve one’s long-term memory. It is also thought to help increase your attention span, memory, learning abilities, and ability to think more logically.

Furthermore, it will also make someone more alert, have more energy, and increase your motivation levels. This is a popular nootropic for those who work with technology, especially computer programmers.

These are just two forms of nootropics you can buy, but there are many other forms of nootropics as well and each do something a bit different.

Are They Safe?

The big question that most people have when it comes to nootropics and other brain enhancing and intelligence drugs is are they safe for human consumption.

Unfortunately, there is not a clear-cut answer to this burning question. There have not been enough studies to confirm the safety of nootropics on healthy people who do not have an already present brain-related deficiency. There science is also still foggy regarding the effectiveness of the pills and the long-term side effects.

If not taken properly or if you are sensitive to certain things, some nootropics can leave you with withdrawals if you stop, can promote insomnia, anxiety, and even slow your heart rate a bit too much.

  • Can Some Vitamins Make You Smarter?

Will They Make You Smarter?

Another loaded question that inevitably comes up is if these types of brain enhancement pills actually make you smarter. In the simplest form, pills cannot make someone suddenly smarter, just as hair dye does not make you a true blonde or brunette. Nootropics and other vitamins for brain enhancement simply increase certain functions and abilities of the brain.

Improving your memory and focus will make it easier for you to learn and retain information to be used at a later date, but that does not necessarily make your intelligence increase. Nootropics enhance certain areas of your brain that you already have and currently work. Pills cannot make you smarter per se, but that can indeed increase your brain function and your current abilities.


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