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Smart Water Bottle innovative cap technology can transform any bottle or container into a connected device that will help you stay hydrated, track your hydration needs and much more.

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Tracking water intake

The smart bottle will track how much you drink in real time while improving your hydration habits.

App that syncs with your bottle

The app lets you interact directly with your bottle, you can turn it on,off and change many settings

Create a personal profile

Create a profile and and make your bottle your own by changing the alert setting, you can chose from lights,vibration or sound.

What is a smart water bottle anyway?

We need water to survive, without water there is no life. Smart water bottles help us stay hydrated by tracking our daily water intake and alerting us to drink more when we need to throughout the day. bottle tech

Embedding the Water.IO technology within the bottle cap of a reusable bottle transforms a personal water Bottle into a smart hydration product - a smart connected water bottle that help consumers to hydrate correctly and keep their health

Syncs with your phone

The dedicated app will sync with your bottle to help you track and measure your hydration intake and bottle use

No batteries or charging

No need to charge or replace the batteries of the caps unlike other products where you must keep the bottle charged at all times

Some of the app features

- Hydration history and tracking - Reminders on when and how much to drink - Personal profile with custom reminders

Cool and simple design

The innovative bottle caps are simple in design yet fit almost any bottle hence not limiting you to just one device

Keeping you healthy

Drinking enough water is more important when you think. Staying hydrated will keep you healthy, improve your cognition, mood and even help you lose weight

What people say?

This is a great product, smart water bottle can really help me stay hydrated throughout my day in the office when I get very busy.

Helen, WeWork TLV.

I plan to have my two kids use the smart water bottle, that way I can verify they are hydrating properly.

George, Full time Dad.

The water boy just needed some water!

Dan Fouts, The Water boy.

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