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Smarter Packaging

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What is Smart Packaging?

Smart Packaging can be defined as the following:

Smart packaging is the type of packaging by using technology. Active and smart packaging (active and intelligent packaging) that is can adjust the environmental conditions inside the packaging with the needs of the packaged products. Smart packaging can be divided into three, namely:

1. Active packaging

2. Intelligent packaging

3. Controlled packaging

Smart devices and technology is all around us. From smartphones to smart homes to smart cars, it seems like almost everything is becoming a connected device with tons of capabilities. Smart devices have been made to make peoples lives easier, so smarter packaging makes sense as well. People interact with millions of packages a day when they are out shopping. It is often the first thing a customer sees when they are considering a product. So making a package with more appealing and helpful features makes their life easier as well.

But there is also a substantial benefit for companies and manufacturers as well. They will be able to gain more insight into their customers. Access to information like buying habits and patterns, how quickly a product runs out, where customers most often buy certain products, and so much more can be placed right into the hands of companies making these products. This type of information is invaluable and can increase sales profits infinitely.

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Examples of Smart Packaging

Each package has the ability to now connect individually to each customer and become an interactive experience. Any type of product can be made smarter and digitalized by adding thing such as QR codes, NFC, RFID, and other types of special sensors. For instance, you can a QR code with your smartphone and more information will popup on your phone about that product giving you a more in-depth look at what the product is, how it works, what makes it better than the competition, etc. This is an integral part that allows companies to provide their potential customer with the most critical information about their product. It may just make someone buy one product over another one. In this example, both company and customer reap the benefits.

We also see smart packaging in the food industry as well and it is perhaps one of the most beneficial areas of smart packaging technologies. FreshPoint’s DueDrop is a type of system that displays when a food item is about go expire and go bad. It encourages customers to eat the foods before they go bad so they can save more money and there is less food waste.

There is antimicrobial packaging as well. Mondi Consumer Coatings makes a unique antimicrobial food package that can stop germs from going in the package and on the food, stop the molding process, maintain hygiene effectively, reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the package, such as E. coli, control food odor, and help make the food last longer as well.

Amcor had produced a technology called MaXQ. This is a coding system that protects brands and also targets customer engagement. Customers are able to scan the product to make sure it is real and authentic. All customers have to do is scan the code with their smartphone and have the results displayed right on their screen. Furthermore, customers will also have access to coupon codes, specials, point, prizes, etc. when the scan these codes as well.

The Future of Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is only going to continue to grow and advance as times goes on. We will likely see packages with the ability to do just about anything to help make customers lives easier and provide the very best insights for companies and manufactures.

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