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Sustainable Packaging

  • Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is gaining an ample amount of popularity all around the world as people become increasingly more concerned about how much waste we are producing. Plastic, bottles, cans, and garbage are showing up just about every corner of the earth. From oceans to jungles to remote mountains, you can find garbage just about anywhere you look.

Of course, this is not just a huge problem for the environment and the planet, but it is an even bigger problem for innocent wildlife. Animals and sea creatures are getting caught and trapped in on garbage and perishing at great rates. In order to put a stop to this issue, finding sustainable and green packaging solution is an absolute must.

There are heaps of sustainable packaging efforts being made from so many different types of companies it can be hard to keep up with all of the great options popping up everywhere.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best types of sustainable packaging there is on the market today. We will also take a brief look at some of the sustainable packaging options for the future as well as this industry continues to progress by the day.


Ecologic is a bottle that is made from seed phytonutrients that is compostable and made from post-customer recycled paper. These bottles hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. and can go in the shower without getting gross and soggy.

To hold the bottles together they use interlocking grooves instead of toxic glue and the bottles are lined with super thin food-grade recycled plastic that are 95% thinner and more sustainable than typical plastic packaging.

Another great feature that makes these bottles more sustainable is the fact the bottles collapse as they product is use so customer can use the product until it is completely gone. Even something as small as this reduces the amount of waste there is since a person can get more use out of the product and not have to buy more products with more packaging as often.

Alima Pure

Makeup and its packaging is one of the most wasteful and least sustainable packaging across all industries. When you buy foundation, it comes in a bottle that often uses plastic and other unsustainable materials that you throw away every few months. This creates a ton of waste as so many people are using makeup and foundation on a daily basis and constantly running out and purchasing more.

Alima Pure is fighting to change the wastefulness of the beauty industry one foundation container at a time. Instead of throwing away the entire plastic makeup container when it is done, you simply pop out the used tray when the product is gone. From there, you only order a smaller refill. This creates a lot less waste and you get to reuse the makeup container again and again without ever throwing it away.

  • Sustainable Packaging


60BAGs are reusable bags, but with a special twist. The bag itself is made from flax-viscose, which is a non-woven fabric and is able to decompose on its own within sixty days. This reusable bag can be used for many different companies with many different products. You can print writing and logos on the bags, so they are completely customizable for any company’s needs.

The material of the bag is made with flax fiber from industrial waste eliminating the need to product any kind of new material. When the bags are produced it also only uses a small amount of energy to make compared to other kinds of packaging such as plastic and glass.


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