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The Biggest Trends in Corporate Wellness

  • The Biggest Trends in Corporate Wellness

If you have never heard of corporate wellness before, it is generally a unique program that varies from company to company that focuses on the health and wellbeing of their employees. Wellness programs have been around for quite a few years, but recently, they have picked up a lot more steam as many people are prioritizing their health on a greater scale.

A corporate wellness program can help employees with the following areas, although specific programs vary greatly company to company: help with quitting smoking, weight loss program, blood pressure, diabetes prevention, cholesterol management, stress management, holistic health, sleep strategies, and much more.

Below, are some of the biggest trends in corporate wellness we have seen in 2018 and are trends that are anticipated to continue into 2019 as well.

More Personalized Wellness Experiences

Today, people want just about everything personalized to their specific needs, and corporate wellness programs are no different. One wellness solution does not fit everyone, so the important of personalization is critical to a wellness program’s success.

One way personalization has been accomplished is through digital wellness programs. A special plan for each employee is created through a digital program based on their current health, weight, age, lifestyle, etc. Fitness trackers are often used to determine one’s health and then a plan is created for each person to follow. Information is then recorded and viewable from a portal to easily keep track of progress.

More Emphasis on Mental Health

Up until recently, mental health was a taboo topic that no one wanted to talk about. However, the importance of mental health and discussions around metal health has become more popular and important than ever. Many companies in 2018 have begun to hold mental health classes, aid with therapy and other mental health services, and encourage their employees to take mental health days and engage in better self-care.

More Artificial Intelligence

AI is making its ways into many aspects of our everyday life, and corporate wellness programs are no different. AI in these programs can be used to identify trends in employee wellness and make accurate predictions in trends for the future. Trend assistance will help companies create individua plans for their employees.

Furthermore, AI can be used for chatbots that can help employees with any health or wellness questions or concerns they may have. Employees can ask questions about overall lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and more. Bots are available 24/7 and right on a employee’s mobile device.

Healthy Vending Machines

When you think of vending machines, you likely think of those serving up sugary soda, little cakes, a fatty potato chips filled with chemicals. But healthy vending machine that focus on nutrition bars, unsweetened teas, healthier chips, and dried fruits and veggies are making their way into health-conscious companies to help employees make better food choices.

Some vending machines will even serve up sandwiches with whole wheat bread, fresh fruit, veggies, hummus cups, and organic snacks.

Corporate Gyms

On-site gyms have been making a greater appearance in corporate offices as well. Many places are choosing to build full-service workout facilities right In their own building to make it easier for employees to hit the gym before, after, or during the workday (often during a lunch break.)

Some companies even take things a step further and offer group fitness classes, incorporate yoga practice right into the workday, or even allow employees a thirty-minute period to workout or take a walk to clear their head.

  • The Biggest Trends in Corporate Wellness

Final Thoughts

Overall, corporate wellness trends have come a long way in 2018 and we can fully expect for more and more companies to change the way they approach this subject. As health, fitness, and wellness become increasingly popular to many people, companies will want to continue to ensure they are keeping their employees safe, happy, and healthy!

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