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The Internet of Things: 10 Useful Products You Must Try in 2016

As we mentioned in another article the new technology on the rise are those devices compatible with the internet.

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As we mentioned in another article (What is the Internet of Everything?) the new technology on the rise are those devices compatible with the internet. This connectivity is termed the “Internet of Everything” and this industry has developed a variety of new electronic products, improved devices and appliances that all communicate through wireless networks and internet connections. The “Internet of Things” is a related field as it encompasses goods and merchandise that have been innovated to fit within the IoE.

The Internet of Things is a relatively new term that describes how common household products, electronics and even cars are becoming “smart” and able to collect/store/transmit data to a variety of sources. In this post we will discuss ten innovative and useful smart products ranging from healthcare to household appliances that are available on the market in 2016.

  1. Fitbit: We started off our list with one of the original IoT products – the Fitbit. The wristband was one of the first wearable, fitness technologies to hit the market making its debut in 2009. It tracks the users’ caloric intake, steps taken, sleep cycles, cardiovascular levels and other activity all through a band similar to a watch (in fact now it has a clock and stopwatch on the interface). The Fitbit wirelessly transmits this information to the internet and to apps that can be loaded on to smart phones, computers and other devices. Now the Fitbit brand has expanded to include a smart scale that connects to the internet. The Aria Smart Scale tracks mass index, percentage of body fat and total weight – then transfers this data automatically to a graph like application showing the ever day variances. It can even be programmed to alert you when you are following an exercise program correctly and earn incentives like badges for reaching weight-loss milestones.
  2. Nest: As the seasons change so do our heating and cooling needs. Old thermostats are complicated to use and some aren’t even programmable making them useless and inefficient. The Nest thermostat and air monitoring system changes all of that and is a way that consumers can save money and energy. The thermostat connects to the internet and can be wirelessly controlled from a computer or smart phone. It also detects usage patterns and can program itself so that you are never wasting energy conditioning the air when you are not home. They have now added a smart smoke detector to their line which signals any smoke or carbon dioxide through the smart app and on a light affixed to the wall monitor. It can even tell you where in the house it has detected the fumes.
  3. Sleep IQ by Sleep Number: This new smart bed by Sleep Number will change the way you look at your sleeping patterns and comfort needs. There are sensors that are imbedded into the mattress to track temperature, heartbeat, movement and mattress settings. The sensors are able to relay all this information to a tablet or smart phone, keeping track of when you got a great night’s rest.
  4. Samsung Family Hub: Refrigerators are great for keeping food cold but Samsung has taken this old school product and made it new again. Since most family activity is centered in the kitchen, why not make a device that can keep the family interacting and track their food/beverage needs? This refrigerator has a smart touch screen affixed to the front of the door. The screen can make lists of groceries needed, keep track of food freshness and temperature, and display the weather report or weekly calendar.
  5. Athos: is a new form of IoT products that are geared toward making more smart clothing. Smart clothes made from the brand Athos keep track of the user’s heart rate or breathing efficiency using EMG sensors embedded in the form fitting shirts and pants. It even measures muscle movement which is great for those athletes who want to know more than just their heartrate.
  6. iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter: As the healthcare market expands it needs more devices to offer patients options for their healthcare needs. This glucose screening monitor is an electronic device that attaches directly to your smart phone or tablet. It has a built-in test-strip insertion point which automatically loads results directly to your smart device app. The results are displayed immediately and can even be shared with your healthcare provider.
  7. Water.Io: Another health conscious product on the IoT fore fronts are the smart bottle technologies which monitor water consumption. It has been stressed more than ever that consumers are not drinking enough water. With this smart bottle and cap – the users are alerted when to drink water, how much they have already consumed and other hydration requirements through a wireless internet connection to a smart phone app.
  8. Noke and Lockitron: The Noke and Lockitron will forever change how we view home and office security. No longer will we have to wonder if we remembered to lock the door before leaving the house. These devices will allow us to monitor our homes in real time. The Noke is a device that is a smart padlock which communicates with the user about tampering, key changes, and if the lock is opened or closed. The Lockitron is an actual deadbolt that affixes to your front or back door and communicates with a wireless connection if the door is opened or closed. It can also have a programmable keypad and you can set the code for different users.
  9. Mimo Baby Monitor: One of the most crucial human experiences is raising a child. Before there were only radio frequency baby monitors that only alerted parents when the baby was awake or crying. Now with new smart technology, the Mimo baby monitor can alert parents to oxygen levels, heartbeat, and even room temperature. This IoT device communicates through a phone app and could potentially be life-saving.
  10. Netvibes: Finally, a device to control all your IoT devices! With all the new technology that is coming out so has a control station to enable the user to control all their devices from a centralized hub. Simply connect the devices to the Netvibes gadget and it will keep track of all your smart appliances simultaneously so that you don’t have to waste time checking them individually.
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That wraps up our list on 10 innovative Internet of Things products that are changing our consumer needs. As our wireless technologies advance so will our smart devices that will help improve our quality of life, save time and help us communicate more efficiently with each other and our inanimate tools.


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