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The Top Packaging Companies

  • The Top Packaging Companies

The packaging industry is a much market, but there are a handful of companies that continue to make it to the top of the list again and again. The need for high-quality and advanced packaging technologies continues to grow and evolve there becomes an even greater shift to packaging and shipping goods to customers all around the world.

More people are buying items online and having those goods shipped directly to their homes. Since this market has grown so rapidly and there are countless companies that only sell their products online, so much more packaging options are needed.

With that being said, both small and like companies alike tend to use the same group of packaging companies that supply packaging in mass quantities.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the largest and the most popular of packaging companies around the world. These companies have succeeded and grown year in and year out and are showing no signs of slowing business down in the near future.


Amcor is a popular packaging company that has a focus on reasonable packaging. They are an Australian company that is known for creating packaging for products from food to beverage to personal care products to healthcare items. They use innovative processes and techniques to make their packaging and keep up with technological advances in the packaging industry. Their customer service is also excellent, making them one of the top global packaging companies in the world.


Owens-Illinois is a packaging company that steers their efforts to glass containers. They are such a popular choice because they have over a century of experience in the industry. They also focus heavily on making sustainable, pure, and green glass packaging, which is becoming even more popular in the last few years. Everyone is trying to become greener and use better packaging solutions that are more ecologically-friendly, and pure glass packaging is a top choice to many companies.

This packaging company mainly makes glass packages for the food and beverage industry, but they are also branching out to cosmetic packaging and pharmaceutical packaging as well to tap into different markets in need for glass packaging alternatives as well.


Ball Corporation is a packaging company that was founded all the way back in 1880 and has grown over the decades to become one of the most powerful packaging companies in the entire world. They supply metal-based packaging solutions the food and beverage industry, but they also make packaging for household products. Interestingly, they also supply items to the government and other commercial uses for aerospace industries.

  • The Top Packaging Companies

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a packaging company that provides a variety of renewable solutions for many things, but also for the packaging industry. They make better for the planet packaging that focuses on helping to reduce the amount of waste we are producing on a daily basis. For instance, one of their ice cream container designs now uses natural fibers instead of plastic materials to help cut down on the plastic packaging issues the packaging industry is facing today.

The above packaging companies are just a few of the top packaging companies throughout the world today. There are many other large and small companies that are making great strides towards better packaging and coming up with innovative solutions to make the packaging industry a green and more technologically advanced place.


Learn more about smart packaging

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