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Trends in Smart Packaging

  • Trends in Smart Packaging

Smart packaging takes regular packaging a step further than just to protect the product inside of a package. Regular packaging’s full purpose is to simply protect the item inside from any kind of damage. Damage can include breakage, spoilage, etc.

Smart packaging takes a regular package and then further improves and elevates the function of that package. Smart packaging is also referred to as intelligent packaging, which is different than active packaging – although active packaging is a form of smart packaging but is not intelligent packaging.

Intelligent packaging is able to communicate changes in the product and other types of information and send that information back to a computer system or program. Active packaging is more function and can actually control the moisture levels or oxygen levels within a package.

Although there is still a long way to go and much improvement to make in the smart packaging world, we do have quite a bit of smart packaging that is readily used and available today and will continue to progress in 2019.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the top trends we have seen thus far in the smart packaging world.


MaXQ is a type of smart packaging that uses barcodes and QR codes that allows customers to scan the barcode on QR code on the package and reveal all types of information right on their smartphone. These codes are used to increase customer loyalty and make finding information easier for customers. It also helps customers to engage with the brand on a more personal and efficient level.

When a customer’s scan the code they can find information on how to use a product, creative ways to use an item, nutritional information if the product is food, more images, videos, and the codes can even reveal special offers and coupons customers can use on a future purchase.

These codes can also help the company itself because it can help prevent counterfeit products in the supply chain.

ScanTrust IoT

ScanTrust IoT is able to combine both QR codes and 2D barcodes with IoT to help companies and brands further eliminate the threat of counterfeit products. These special codes are one-of-a-kind codes that cannot be replicated. When you scan these codes with a smartphone the codes are authenticated so you know that it is not a fake product.

The codes are directly printed on a product package and is easy to find and use for both companies and customers alike. These codes are so important because the supply chain can remain fully transparent and ensure that none of the products and imposters. It also helps the brand to stop duplicating their inventory.

  • Trends in Smart Packaging


Thinfilm is a near field communications (NFC) company that is designed for mobile phones with label and packaging features that connect to a cloud-based software. This type of tech is meant for customers to use with their smartphones by tapping their phone against a product to get information about the product right on their phone. The information is often specialized and personalized to each customer.

You can also get information about the brand, their story, news, info about certain ingredients, and much more. Much of the content is interactive as well. For instance, if it is a food item, like chocolate chips, when the customer taps their phone to the package, it may bring up a video for how to make the best chocolate chip cookies using their delicious chips.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have seen many trends in the smart packaging industry over the last few years, and in particular during 2018. There have been many advances in smart packaging technology and we have seen an increase in the amount smart packaging solutions that are actually being used by companies in 2018, although there are still many companies that have yet to include smart packaging in their businesses.

In the upcoming year we can expect for even more companies to start using the above technologies on a more widespread level. There is also a high probability that the large companies that have already been using this type pf technology will continue to make smart packaging even better, more convenient, and more advanced than it has ever been.


Learn more about smart packaging

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