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What are Pill Dispensers?

  • What are Pill Dispensers?

Medication adherence is one of the biggest medical issues we are facing in the world today. People are not taking their medications, not taking them properly, and it is leaving people getting sicker, not healing, and not feeling better despite having been to doctors’ visits and being given a treatment plan.

Thousands of people a year wind up in the hospital due to not taking their medications as directed. This is the most common amongst senior citizens. Not only is not taking medication the right way a problem for people’s health, it is also a huge money issue as well and tons of money is wasted each year due to this ongoing problem.

One way to help combat this problem and help people take their medications as their doctor prescribed is to use pill dispensers. Pill dispensers are able to hold medications in the unit and dispense out the correct dosage of medication at the appropriate times.

There are many different brands and types of pill dispensers, but they all are aiming to achieve one specific goal – and that is to help people take their medications correctly and stay healthy!

In this post, we are going to take a look at the actual benefits of pill dispensers and how they can help the ongoing medication adherence issue we are facing today.

  • What are Pill Dispensers?

What are the Benefits of Pill Dispensers?

Helps the Patient Remember to Take Their Medications

One of the biggest benefits for using a pill dispenser is it helps the patient remember to take their pill during the day. It helps them take the right medications, at the right dose, at the proper time every single day.

People get busy and have many things going on during the day. People of any age can easily forget to take their medications when life gets busy and they are running around doing tons of things during the day. A pill dispenser can help these patients remember when it is time to take their medication and they don’t even have to think about the time, dosage, or which medication they need to take at any given time.

Helps Prevent Medication Errors

Medication errors are common as well. It is not all that hard to take the wrong medication by accident if you have to take multiple pills per day. Furthermore, skipping doses becomes more common as well as the number of medications a patient needs to take increases.

With a pill dispenser, it takes all of the guess work out of it for the patient. All of the dosages are pre-measured, and it makes sure they are taking the right pills they need for that day. There is no more taking the wrong pills, skipping doses, or taking too much medication because the patient already forgot they took it.

Gives Confidence to the Patient and Loved Ones/Caregivers

For a patient to feel better and get healthier, taking their medications is mandatory. Using a pill dispenser to track medication intake will not just make them feel better physically, but it will also give them the confidence they are doing everything right to get better and feel better from the inside out.

Another great benefit is it also gives loved ones and caregivers the peace of mind in knowing the person who needs to take the medication is doing everything correctly. People can feel much more confident knowing there is a higher likelihood their loved one is staying healthy and getting better by taking their pills the right way.

Depending on the type and brand of the pill dispenser, some devices will even send texts, emails, alerts, and other types of notifications to patients, loved ones, and care givers if the medication has not been taken after a certain period of time. This feature of some pill dispensers give an added layer of peace of mind for everyone involved.


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