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What are the Benefits of a Pill Reminder App?

  • What are the Benefits of a Pill Reminder App?

What is a pill reminder app?

A pill reminder app is a type of smartphone application that can be downloaded to your phone. There are a wide variety of apps for your phone, although features and functions can vary from app to app.

So, what exactly do these apps do? Essentially, pill reminder apps help users remember to take their medications, when they need to take their medications, and how much they need to take for their dosage.

Generally, users are able to go into their app and set a variety of preferences. They can choose in the app what their medications are, how much they are supposed to take of each pill, the exact time they need to take the medications, and any other vital information. Some apps will even be able to alert customers when their medications are running low and remind them it is time to refill their prescriptions.

Depending on the type of app that is used, apps will typically send out alerts to users through push notifications on their phone. The phone may ding, vibrate, and/or send a written reminder that it is time to take the medications.

If possible, sometimes you are even able to receive the alert through a connected smartwatch as well, so it is right there on your wrist and you are even less likely to forget. Both in combination with one another is a surefire way to ensure you will never forget to take your medications again!

  • What are the Benefits of a Pill Reminder App?

What are the major benefits of using a pill reminder app?

There are quite a few key benefits that come along with using a pill reminder app.

Of course, one of the main benefits is the fact it helps patients actually remember to take their prescriptions. Often times, people forget to take their medications due to age, forgetfulness, or simply because loves get busy and hectic. Sometimes taking medications are the last thing on someone’s mind and they need a little extra help to make them remember.

Furthermore, pill reminder apps are also an ideal solution for those looking for a free or inexpensive option for helping them to take their medications.

There are a lot of great physical products on the market, such as automatic pill dispensers, that sort medications in the correct dosages, automatically release the pills, and send notifications to patients in a variety of ways. However, often times, these options are pricy and out of reach for the general population.

The great thing about a pill reminder app is that they are either free or can be purchased for a minimal expense. While you don’t have access to a physical product, the app can send reminder notifications in very much the same way as the more expensive products. You can still set your dosage amounts, when you need to take them, how often, etc.

Most apps are also able to store and log information about your compliance to taking your prescriptions as well. You can look back at logs and charts to see how often you stayed on track, if there were any times you did not log taking your medications, or if there are any common and recurring trends that happen in regard to taking your medications.

In the end, pill reminders apps are convenient, easy to use, budget-friendly, and the perfect way for people to have help remembering to take their medications properly. Not only does this help the patient feel better and ensure they are staying safe and healthy, but it also helps doctors to ensure their patients are getting the proper treatment and staying on track with their health and wellness.


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