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What is Amazon Dash?

Remember those days when we all thought it would be amazing if we could just press a button and get something? Well, dream no more because that day has come…for the most part.

Amazon Dash is a special device that allows you to literally just press a button and have your desired item shipped directly to your doorstep! No, you won’t get the product instantly, like you may want, but it will be to delivered to your home in 2 days with Amazon Prime.

  • What is Amazon Dash?

What is Amazon Dash?

Essentially, Amazon Dash is a Wi-Fi enabled button that can reorder you favorite household items by pressing the designated button. Did you notice you’re getting low on toilet paper, pet food, water, or your favorite snack? All you have to do is use your Dash button and it will automatically order the desired product you set your button up for.
Since you have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the Dash, your products will be shipped and delivered to your house with Prime’s free 2-day shipping.

How to Set Up Your Dash Button and Use It

When you first get your Dash Button you set it up through the Amazon app from your iPhone or Android phone. You must have a Wi-Fi connection for the button to work so you need to manually enter your Wi-Fi information to the button.
If you so choose, a notification is sent you’re your phone and/or email that a product was ordered with your button.
You never have to worry about ordering more than 1 product accidentally with your Dash Button either. So if your toddler get ahold of the button and presses it 1,000 times you won’t get 1,000 packs of toilet paper on your doorstep. Regardless of how many times you press the button, only 1 order will be processed and shipped at a time. Only after you receive your order can you then order another one. You can cancel your order at any time as well before the item(s) ship.
You can, however, set up the specific quantity you want shipped when you use the Dash Button. So, if you want 3 items shipped when you use it, you can set it up to ship out 3 at a time.


Each Amazon Dash Button is $4.99. Amazon will also refund you the cost of the button after the first purchase, so it’s almost like you are getting the button for no cost.

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