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The Internet of Packaging Platform

A full end to end digital platform for CPG and Pharma companies

Smart Packaging background Smart Packaging turns the package into an active product that helps the consumer when using the product.

Every day billions of packaged goods are manufactured and sold to consumers. The product package serves mainly as the holder of the product. These same packages have been around for many years, though many of their attributes have changed, their main function stayed the same: holding the product.
The main reason that packages stayed the same is that they are passive. Many refer to this as: “The client wants the product, not the package”. maybe packages can add more value ? The packages and caps do much more than close the bottle or package, they measure usage, remind to use and monitor end of life, communicating all the information.

What people say?

This is a great product, the smart packaging for water bottles can really help me stay hydrated throughout my day in the office when I get very busy.

Helen, WeWork TLV.

What people say?

looking forward to having a laundry detergent the re-orders itself when it needs to, this is really smart packaging. it is really just smart.

George, Full time Dad.

What people say?

looking forward to provide the smart packaging solution for medicine to my mother, it will help both of us monitor her pill adherence.!

a worried daughter.

The smart packaging app

The application comes with private label options for company brands, providing a first and unique opportunity to engage with their customers directly. These businesses will have the added opportunity to combine powerful data to learning more about their customers, opening the door to new promotions and dialog with customers as well as providing promotional opportunities.

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The analytics dashboard: product consumption data

Companies ship today hundreds of billions of bottles and packages without knowing who uses their products, when, where, how this is correlated to factors like geography, weather, marketing campaigns etc. This is the first time that brands will have an opportunity to gather information about their customers in real time and use that data to build new opportunities for growth. The Dashboard contains both real-time and historical usage information and analytics.

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